The Doctor Is In.

Emma Rose Erotica
3 min readMar 15, 2023

A nurse collects a semen sample from the doctor.

I stood motionless. My heart raced, as I stood nervously excited when the doctor entered the examination room behind me.

He looked out into the hallway, then closed the door. The doctor reached down and rubbed my mound hard through my scrub pants, and I instinctively pushed back slightly against his hand in response.

“Untie your pants,” he ordered.

I did so, and he pulled down my pants and then stepped back to look at me.

“Now, take off your bra.” I lifted my shirt, unhooked my bra, and let it drop.

I stood before him with my tits exposed, feeling incredibly self-conscious. He stroked his hand slowly over my boobs and down inside my panties.

“Oh… yeah!” he gasped, surprised by the thickness of my pussy fur.

The doctor stepped back and undid his belt, undid the button, lowered the zipper, and pushed his khakis and boxers down to his knees. His dick sprang out… Sticking straight out. It was thick and about eight inches long, with a big mushroom head.

His cock pushed in between my thighs as he cupped and squeezed my tits. The doctor rolled his thumbs across my nipples, causing them to stiffen.

“You have nice, healthy breasts,” he said. “Nice, firm, round tits.”

I looked at him defiantly, daring him. He saw that look, ripped my panties down, and immediately stuffed two curled fingers deep inside me, making me gasp.

“You’re soaking wet,” he said, maneuvering his fingers inside me.

“I am going to fuck you so hard now.”

He pulled out his fingers, sniffed them, then forced them into my mouth. The doctor grabbed my hips, and turned me around. He held my hips firmly and forced me to bend over the exam table.

He stood behind me and pressed his dick against my anus, then my pussy. I could feel the tip pushing against my opening, and then he pushed himself forward into me.

“Oh, yes!” he gasped as his cock entered my wet pussy. I braced myself with my hands against the wall as he fucked my cunt.