Shared By My Husband for the First Time.

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Tony’s Story.

I’ve been married to Catherine for fifteen years. I’m a 35-year-old white male who works as Vice President/General Manager on Wall Street trading floors from 7:30 a.m. — 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

My wife and I are well-educated professionals working full-time jobs outside the home every day except Sunday mornings when we meet family for church services.

After all these years of marriage, my wife came clean and told me her sexual history. Fifteen men and one woman over the 15 years before Catherine met me. She had sex more than once with only two guys — boyfriends in college.

She says she did not have an orgasm until she met me. I think that is why she married me. Sex was always great for us. I am a very lucky man. I know Catherine loves me and enjoys sex with me more than any other lover she ever had.

But now, she wants to be shared with other men, and she thinks it’s something we should do together because she’d never cheat on me. She has mentioned this for a while, but I never thought she’d do it.

Again, she asked me if I would share her with other men. I decided to go along. Initially, I was a little scared, but now I’m glad I decided to share my wife with strangers. I know that this is what she wants and that she loves me.

Our relationship has always been strong, but our marriage is more alive and exciting than ever after her first time being used. She is more sexually adventurous and experimental than ever before. Catherine told me I was free to have sex with other women, but I was not interested, at least for now.

I must confess that I love watching other men slide their hard cocks into my wife. My wife has become more sensual and loving to me in and out of bed, and I love it.

My wife’s sexual appetite has increased dramatically, and I love being rewarded for allowing my wife to be used.

Our first time was at a local swinger club on a single-guy event night. Single guys were given unusually inexpensive club entry fees, and married couples got in for free.

Catherine was laughing and having a good time being the focus of attention of several guys and was aware of me sitting in…

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