Seeded At The Halloween Party

Emma & Richard Erotica
10 min readSep 19

Sally encounters an alien probe at a sex club Halloween party.

I watched as she arrived at the party and greeted a few of her friends. She nursed a glass of wine as she surveyed the partiers and their costumes. Music pounded loudly, Halloween decorations and laser lights filled the bar and dance floor, and everyone was in costume, having a great time.

Sally stood alone, thinking of her husband, who stayed home and encouraged her to attend the sex club for the annual ladies’ night Halloween Bash. She eventually forgot about her husband, consumed lemon drops, and danced with friends. Sally began looking for a guy to have sex with.

Sally was dressed simply in a red sequined G-string and red tassels covering the nipples of her petite breasts. Her long, naturally red hair fell across her shoulders, resting easily on her firm breasts. Glittering along her arms and cheeks captured the party strobe lights, giving her a celestial, otherworldly glow.

Her skin was pale white, but the freckles that adorned her body were as darkly beautiful against it as diamonds set into the wedding ring she wore. You can’t take your eyes off her, and she knows it. Red suede six-inch heels top off her costume. I loved the way they made her legs look — long and sleek.

I was dressed in a tight-fitting ‘devil’ costume that prominently highlighted my muscular bare chest and arms. Two small horns marked my forehead. But what was designed to catch Sally’s attention, and everyone else’s, was what wasn’t covered! My entire pubic area, my cock, my balls, all cleanly shaved and exposed entirely, hanging outside the confines of my costume.

Even in the dim lighting and blinding, flashing party lights, people noticed my costume immediately. A few women pointed, and a few men slapped me on the back and congratulated me on having “the balls” to wear the outfit, but no one knew who I was.

I spotted Sally looking. We made lingering eye contact. My cock and balls were designed to be larger than the other men in the room. I knew Sally was a “size queen,” and I needed to ensure her attention.

I made my way to the dance floor and introduced myself to Sally. “Hello. Say you like,” I mouthed, turning around…

Emma & Richard Erotica

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