Rosa’s Unique Contribution to Mankind.

Emma & Richard Erotica
2 min readJan 27

My wife Is devoted to the forgotten husbands of this world.

Many men have discovered that my wife Rosa enjoys sucking cock, but not just any cock. It has to be a married cock. It’s not about love or even who has the best looking or biggest cock.

I’m not threatened by Rosa’s calling. I know she loves only me, and that to Rosa, cock sucking is not just another conquest, a notch in her belt, as it were. She sucks cock with a higher purpose in mind.

She says that she loves the feeling of a hard married dick twitching in her mouth as it shoots cum against the back of her throat. More often than not, she doesn’t actually enjoy the taste of cum.

Still, she looks forward to giving another dominated, henpecked, or browbeaten husband the pleasure of seeing his seed move down her throat as she happily swallows all of it.

Rosa didn’t become the cum hungry slut she is overnight. It’s been a lot of hard work and self-exploration for her over the years. She has to be careful, though. If she ever lets anyone else know about her secret side, she will lose her job, family, and girlfriends.

So, for about fifteen years now, she has had to keep that side of her personality hidden from everyone but me, her husband. I have to say that I love it.

It gives me a thrill knowing that she has a higher calling as a secret cum slut, making me feel like I am unique. Her mouth belongs to manhood, but her cunt belongs to me.

With amazing enthusiasm, Rosa has told me story after story of how her pussy gets soaking wet as she slurps a wedded cock, making one more guy moan with pleasure. When a man talks dirty to her while she is sucking his cock, she gets into it even more.

My wife feels that it’s the talent given to her by the universe that allows her to contribute to the forgotten husband. Rosa’s hope is through blow jobs given to disenfranchised husbands, will make the world a better place for those lonely, discouraged, and oppressed men she sucks off.

It seems to be working. Her testimonials encourage her to keep going.

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