On Her Desk.

Emma Rose Erotica
8 min readJan 31, 2023

A cheating wife can’t resist her hot new coworker.

Saturday morning. I told my husband that I had to stop by my office a pick up my work cell phone that I had left on my desk. I needed to go to the gym. It’s been a while.

Then I’ll meet my friend Karen for lunch, I told him. I invited him to join us, knowing he had some yard work to catch up on and that he didn’t like Karen. He said no thanks and had plenty to keep him busy around the house.

I wore my tightest form-fitting jeans, which end just below my belly button, and a tight t-shirt that exposed some of my firm abs. I always wear my hair up during the week, so it was down today.

When he questioned my look, I told him that it had been a long week, and I had to get out and treat myself to a feel-good day.

Instead of going to the gym and having lunch with Karen, I had other plans. I was feeling naughty and lusting after this new guy from the office.

It was him that I planned to meet up with. I had been obsessed with him since he started working in the building a few months ago.

When I got to my office building, I saw he was waiting in the parking lot, seated in his car. We avoided looking at each other just in case someone was watching. I went inside and waited.

About fifteen minutes later, he came in. We greeted each other like long-lost friends. That’s when it started. I never wanted to try something like this. But what the hell?

Like me, he was nervous but excited. I could tell he had been anticipating our erotic rendezvous. I asked him how he liked married women, and he said he loved them.

I then began touching his arms and shoulders. He didn’t pull away; instead, he began tenderly petting my arms and hands. It felt really nice. I let him know that I was horny as hell and needed quick relief. I gave him a quick kiss, which made him moan quietly.

At first, I felt a pang of guilt. For the past few weeks, I’d been fixating on another man’s penis and fantasizing of cheating on my husband. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I rationalized that the only way to end this obsessive fixation was to indulge it just once. Possibly I won’t like it…



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Fictionalized erotica of mostly real-life events based on personal experiences as a basis for my stories, changing some details to make them more interesting.