Was It Just a Kinky Game?

Emma & Richard Erotica
5 min readMar 23

Her face glistened with sweat, and her hair was disheveled, a look of uncertainty and fear in her eyes.

At first, she appeared indifferent to Brad’s advances, but it soon became difficult to tell if my wife’s submissiveness was out of fear or for pleasure. She had let him fuck her before; she had shown me other videos on her phone, but this time she seemed different somehow.

Brad and Katrina were both naked in the living room. My twin brother’s cock is much larger than mine. It was massive and bone hard, extending ten inches straight in front of my wife’s face.

Karina cowered before him as Brad leaned down, kissed her mouth hard, and licked her face. He slapped his cock against my wife’s cheeks before pressing the tip against her lips, which she opened, but only after a brief but frantic struggle.

I gasped as he grabbed a fistful of Karina’s hair and plunged his cock into her mouth. I could see her gag and then struggle for breath as he pulled out, and then I watched as Karina sucked and licked Brad’s cock, relinquishing her mouth as a receptacle for his pleasure.

Brad grabbed my wife’s hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to open her throat. He pressed the head of his cock between her lips and pushed until only his balls remained rested on her chin.

As she tried to pull away from his grip, his fingers dug into her scalp firmly, tilting her head back further. Karina choked, gagged, coughed, and spit thick phlegm when he pulled out.

“Suck, lick my balls,” he commanded while towering over her.

Karina tried to resist, but Brad was relentless, forcing her head back and forth as his hips thrust forward, rubbing his scrotum across her lips.

“Open your mouth and take it all.”

Karina took his cock and stroked it as she looked up at him, tears running down her cheeks and spit dripping from her chin. He held her head still by pushing his hips forward forcefully. She continued to stroke his cock as she sucked and licked his swollen gonads.

“Damn!” he exclaimed with loud shouts.

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