My Nymphomaniac Neighbor Girl

Emma & Richard Erotica
7 min readSep 23

Brandi lived in the apartment upstairs with her parents.

I was a fan of Brandi’s. I’d see her parents leave the house for the weekend, and inevitably, within an hour, a young guy would arrive and stay for a few hours. I’d hear the bed squeaking in the room above mine. It was that way all weekend. I’ve counted as many as six different guys visiting Brandi during a single weekend when her parents were gone.

Sometimes, after the bed stopped making noise, I saw Brandi walk one of the young men to his car. He’d drive off, and she’d see me and wave. “Hi, Mr. Kensey,” she’d say, flashing a beautiful smile. I’d wave back, and as I heard her walk up the stairs to the second floor, I silently wished I was twenty years younger as

I’d get so horny listening to Brandi and seeing her. After such an episode, I sat on the sofa with a beer, watched porn on my phone, and imagined Brandi naked. I thought about the young guy that had just fucked Brandi.

Lost in my thoughts, I was about to rub one out when I heard the front door chime. It was Brandi. She stood in the doorway wearing a T-shirt, no bra, and tight jean shorts that showed more than just hints of her puffy vagina.

“Hello, Mr. Kensey. Sorry to bother you. Do you have a hammer I could borrow?” she asked.

“Um… I think so. Come on in.” My cock was hard, and the bulge in my shorts was noticeable. I had quickly stuffed my stiffy back inside my shorts to answer the door. Seeing Brandi, my cock twitched, and I’m sure she noticed.

Brandi stepped into the foyer. “Um… Thanks. Sorry again for bothering you.”

“No bother. The tools are in the hall closet.”

Brandi followed me as I retrieved the hammer. “Thank you, Mr. Kensey.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Can I pay you back somehow?” she asked.

“No, it’s not necessary,” I told her. “What’s broken?”

“The bed frame came loose again,” she smiled.

“You’ve been such a great neighbor. My mom and dad think you’re cool.”

“I appreciate your kind words. You’re good neighbors, too,” I said, desperately attempting to discreetly…

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