My Mattress Store Job.

Emma Rose Erotica
9 min readFeb 2, 2023

I stretched my new boss’s ass.

I had to leave the university, not because my parents couldn’t afford it, but because of my grades. I spent too much time playing video games, partying, and chasing the ladies on campus.

My parents were really at fault, I thought. They were the ones who reared me to be what I’ve become — lazy, unskilled, and a spoiled, privileged punk. So, I decided to blame my failures on my mom and dad, even though they are now divorced.

My mom told my new stepdad, Buck, about my complaints. That’s where I made my mistake. My mom cried while Buck remained silent and strangely calm. Once my mom left the room, Buck took me by the arm and led me to his pickup.

“We’re going for a ride, boy,” he said with a bizarrely calm grin. It wasn’t like I had a choice… Buck is a burly biker type and outweighs me by a hundred pounds.

He’s always scared me, but now I began to question if I was ever going to see my mom again. Buck was very protective of my mother. Not in a jealous way, but mom was Buck’s queen, and he treated her like one.

Woe is unto the man who crossed the line and disrespected my mother, and I realized too late that I had crossed the line.