My Daughter’s New Boyfriend.

Emma & Richard Erotica
6 min readMar 17

I pictured him thrusting into her, wishing it was me he was fucking.

My husband had a business trip. Two hours after I had dropped him off at the airport, I sat alone in our kitchen and my thoughts wandered as I prepared scrambled eggs.

Emily is nineteen and moved back home a few weeks ago after a falling out with her roommate. My relationship with my daughter has been strained for the past year.

I know I haven't been the easiest person to live with these days, and I sometimes wonder why my husband hasn’t left me. I guess I can’t blame him.

I’m a very sexual person, but I’ve never been able to satisfy him lately. I have a great body, but my husband doesn’t notice anymore. I’ve been considering divorce, but I’ve decided that, at least for now, I should remain in a sexless marriage.

I sighed discontentedly as I placed the eggs and a bagel on a plate for Emily. I was feeling sorry for myself and wondered if other women were married to men who didn’t want to have sex with them any longer.

Hearing the shower shut off upstairs, I took Emily’s breakfast to her bedroom. Emily’s bedroom door was ajar a few inches, and as I looked in, what I saw inside nearly caused me to drop the food tray.

I quietly stepped away down the hall before stopping and setting the tray down on the carpet. Standing in the hall, a soft cry of pleasure echoed through the bedroom wall. I listened again, covering my mouth, and within a moment, I heard it again.

A high-pitched giggle and a man’s voice with a hint of a Spanish accent are coming from my daughter’s room. I crept closer to the bedroom, curious and concerned about what might be happening and who Emily was with.

“Ooh,” my daughter’s voice purred, “yeah… eat me, Aureo, mm-hm…”

A half-dozen emotions roared through my already too-sensitive mind; surprised that my daughter had brought a guy home and having sex while I was downstairs.

I could hear his grunting and the distinct sounds of popping and slurping… He was going down on her. And from the sighs and squeals of my daughter, I could tell she loved every second of it.

I could hear him licking my…

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