I’ll Show You Mine — If You Show Me Yours (Part 1)

Emma & Richard Erotica
7 min readSep 16

Carla tests her blowjob skills on her brother-in-law.

“He wants you to be with other men? That’s a little strange.”

That’s what my brother-in-law, Jack, said to me.

“Maybe not so strange,” I replied. “He’s teased about it before. At least, I thought he was teasing. He’s mentioned wanting to share me before, usually after sex.”

“Just like that? What, with random guys from the internet or bars? It could be dangerous.”

“Not strangers. People we know from work, friends, guys we already know.”

“Like the ones he’s friends with?” John asked.


“How does it work? Are you guys swingers?” Jack asked.

“No, we’re not swingers. I’m not sure yet. I’ve not done it yet.” I replied.

“And what are you supposed to do while you’re with one of these guys?”

“He’s not said. But John said he wanted to be there.”

“What? Like he might want to watch?”

“I guess some guys like that, watching their wives have sex with other men,” I answered.

“Oh my god,” Jack exclaimed. “No fucking way.”

“If you weren’t his brother, this conversation might go differently,” I said.

“Oh yeah? What do you mean?”

“Yeah, I mean, you’re the most fuckable guy I know.”


“Yeah. And don’t tell Jack, but he told me you have a much bigger cock than he does.”

“Oh my God. This conversation is getting a little weird.”

“Yeah, sorry. Too honest? But, your brother just isn’t all that well hung, that’s all.”

“Wow. You guys do talk about everything.”

“Yes, we do.”

“He told me that the guys in gym class used to make fun of you because of the size of your cock.” Jack stared at me wide-eyed, blushing and slyly smiling.

“Jack said they used to call you ‘donkey dick’ back in school. How could identical twin brothers be so different — down there? That’s what I…

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