I Watched My Wife Get Fucked By My Best Friend

Emma & Richard Erotica
6 min readSep 22

I ate cum for the first time. Does that make me a cuck?


You’d think that I would be jealous, watching the scene unfold. And I was a bit, but I don’t think it was jealousy so much as an extreme feeling of losing control. My wife was enjoying sex with someone else. I could tell, and she wasn’t hiding it. And as I watched her squirm on our marriage bed beneath my best friend, the two of them fucking and kissing and touching each other, I found myself becoming more and more aroused.

At first, I just watched. I was standing at his sock-covered feet while my wife’s naked legs bounced over him, and then she did something unexpected. Beth looked me in the eye and smiled. She looked at me for several seconds, her face flushed, beads of sweat on her brow, her head tapping against the bed’s headboard.

Then, she returned the gaze of her watery blue eyes toward where their bodies joined, his cock ramming into her bush — hard. Each impalement was so extreme that Beth’s breaths were caught up short, forcing guttural grunts from deep in her chest.

“Oh, yeah, fuck her,” I whispered faintly, unable to control myself as I watched my wife’s cherished big titties bounce around; they seemed even bigger now, flailing wildly on her chest. My friend franticly chased a nipple and hummed as he greedily sucked it into his mouth. Beth gripped both tits, holding them tightly together as she offered him the other one.

I’ve seen this before in porn, but never in real life. I mean, it’s not every day a guy watches his wife, or any other woman, get fucked by another man at point-blank range in real-time. I had a close-up view. I watched my friend explode inside my wife’s pussy. And I enjoyed it. Oddly exhilarating as I watched, I was mesmerized as his body tensed with orgasm. His bloated, hairy ball sack contracted, and his cock pulsed as he shot jets of hot cum into my wife.

I saw her mouth form a wide O, and her nails dug into his ass as she felt him explode within her. She was having an orgasm, too, and an incredible orgasm: moaning loudly, strange trilling sounds through clenched teeth, her head tossing vigorously from side to side until finally collapsing, exhausted under my friend. I had never seen her react…

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