Finding My First Bull

Emma & Richard Erotica
7 min readSep 21

Chronicling my hotwife story — My first date with Ron.

Richard has written about how we got into swinging and some of my hotwife adventures. He suggested that I write a series of stories from my perspective about how I developed into being a hotwife.

So, I agreed to try and write some short erotic fiction stories loosely based on some of my experiences. If you enjoy them, sign up to get an email when I publish a new story.

When Richard and I were heavy into the hotwife swinging scene in the early days, I would sometimes grow restless, especially when Richard was on an extended work trip. My desire for good fun with like-minded people and experiencing lifestyle parties often left me feeling empty and horny, lonely, and bored. I remember one time when I was on the nightly phone with my husband and told him about my dilemma. The idea of a proxy or a stand-in for my husband was asking a lot from him, but he suggested it, and I agreed to consider it.

We agreed it had to be someone we were comfortable with and wouldn’t threaten our marriage. The companion would not be a replacement for Richard, either sexually or emotionally. Still, it would provide me with company, someone I could go out with or stay home with and feel safe instead of being alone. Richard and I understood there could be times when sex could be a part of what happened during dates.

After reviewing our list of candidates, I decided that Ron was at the top of our list. He was a guy we met several times at lifestyle events, but we had never had sex together. Ron was at least ten years my junior. Though soft-spoken and always a gentleman, I knew that with his physique, I’d be safe in any circumstance. It also helped that I found Ron gorgeously attractive. For sure! I met with Ron for coffee, and he agreed that it might be a lot of fun and that we’d be nothing more than friends with the potential for occasional added benefits.

Our First Date

I invited Ron to drop by one Friday night. Our first date was supposed to be a casual, get-to-know-each-other-better meeting at my house while Richard was on a two-week business trip. However, the anticipation of having Ron over made me horny, and without warning Ron, I decided I needed something more that…

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