Erotismo da Club.

Emma & Richard Erotica
7 min readMar 25

My head swam, and my senses heightened beyond comprehension.

I paused nervously, naked, at the top of the stairs leading into the club. The air was smoky, and the room was dimly lit. The heavy bass of the speakers vibrated in my chest like being inside a giant heart.

I was about to enter a world I’d never been imagined. Slowly I moved down the staircase, descending into a maelstrom of sound and smoke. The dance floor was crowded, with naked people moving rhythmically to the beat.

There were only a few occupied chairs or tables; instead, people leaned against one another for support as they danced. Many wore vulgar, hedonistic costumes and elaborate makeup.

Some of them swayed back and forth while others jumped up and down. Something they all had in common was their intense expression, a look of rapture on every face.

I took a deep breath and stepped forward onto the dance floor. Everyone turned toward me at once. Their eyes widened, then locked on mine.

A wave of energy swept over me as everyone began to chant:
“Come on, come on, come on…”

My eyes were drawn to the ceiling. Above it, hanging from wires, were dozens of glowing orbs, each emitting an eerie green light that made everything seem sharper and more vibrant.

They glowed softly, and I could see tiny pinpricks of light reflecting off them. The sound of the music was even louder now.

I approached the bar and ordered a drink. The bartender looked like a teenage cheerleader with long red hair. She wore only a G-string. Her body was curvy and muscular, and her breasts were large and firm.

“What’ll you have?” she asked me.

“I don’t know,” I said, “something dark and strong. I’m new here,” I said.
She poured something into a glass, handed it to me, and smiled sweetly.

“Welcome to Erotismo da Club,” she said.

I nodded and downed the fiery drink. As it burned down my throat, I felt that as the world faded away, I thought of nothing but my need, the burning hunger in my blood. I needed to be filled. Now.

Emma & Richard Erotica

Emma & Richard Erotica. A long-time married couple writing and living erotica together.