Becoming A Cuckold Husband — Part 1

Caron breaks the ice — Our first conversation about becoming a cuck.

Emma Rose Erotica
5 min readSep 24, 2023
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Caron and I had been married for nearly ten years when I began to suspect something was going in the wrong direction with our relationship. We had three children; the youngest was three, and the oldest was nine.

While maintaining a good mother role with the children, I felt Caron avoided spending time with me and showed less affection when we were alone. My wife’s personality changed, and I began to expect the worst — an affair.

A sudden change in appearance, sexual appetite, and habits. She’s joined the gym. Caron seemed to lose interest or pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable for us. She would often withdraw from usual social contacts and appear depressed, and unsatisfied with life. I would ask what was wrong, but she would claim it was nothing and not give a clear answer.

One weekend, I arranged to have my parents watch the kids. I decided to confront Caron about the changes in her and our marriage. I knew that I had to find out the truth, whatever it was. We didn’t go out; we stayed home, and I ordered her favorite home-delivery food. After dinner and a glass of wine, it was time to move.