Barbara — On Being a Hotwife.

Emma & Richard Erotica
4 min readMay 18

Some wives are simply too scared to try something new or step outside their comfort zones.

I love being a good slut for my husband. But after being stretched by my bull, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to feel my husband’s average size cock. The bull is always so big and hard. He really stretches me out.

I was hoping that having him inside of me would make my pussy stronger over time. I was right. It did. My husband is so much more satisfied now than when we started fucking. He says that the more my bull fucks me, the bigger and stronger my pussy muscles get.

Sometimes I miss how little my pussy was when we first started fucking. It was so tight. Back then, I wasn’t sure I wanted my husband to fuck me because of the discomfort. It was only because he made me cum so many times with just his tongue that I let him fuck me afterward. He has amazing oral skills.

It’s crazy to think about how much I’ve changed in the last few years. I’ve gone from a shy and innocent wife to a hot and horny slutwife who loves to fuck her husband every chance she gets.

There’s something else I love about my bull. It’s when he fucks me at our house when my husband is out of town. There’s a special kind of excitement about that.

Maybe it’s because, on several occasions, I’ve seen Marsha and Linda watching through their curtains when my bull arrived. When he’s fucking me, it’s like I’m fucking in front of our neighbors.

I know they’re watching. They know I’m getting fucked by a stranger, and they wish it was them. They think I’m cheating, but my husband always knows when I’m with Jason or anyone else. He’s watched me fuck other men and has participated many times.

I especially love watching my bull lean down and lick my clit while my husband is fucking my pussy with his average size cock. I love the feel of my bull’s massive hard cock stretching out my mouth and cumming on my tits while my husband is…

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