A Hotwife Is Born.

Emma & Richard Erotica
6 min readMar 22

The stimulation of having a man other than my husband, a stranger, on top of me, fucking me, was nearly more than I could handle.

The truth is that I’m average looking. I have dark hair, a decent body with medium-sized natural breasts, and a nice butt, which I’ve discovered easily attracts attention.

When we go out at night, I dress conservatively but sexy to show off my curves and to entice guys to look at me. My husband likes it. Craig likes to watch men stare at me at parties or when just out for dinner together.

Over time, Craig and I began discussing how I might act if I were alone somewhere no one knew me. We’d talk about what I might do and how I might do it. We did this all the time. It was fun, and we both enjoyed it, and it was a turn-on for both of us.

We’d also discuss what to do if a hot guy approached me while I was out. We’d talk about how we would react and what we’d do if the guy tried to hit on me. Sometimes we’d roleplay, but mostly we talked about things as they might happen.

A few months ago, we took our roleplay to a new level. While on vacation in Miami, I went to the hotel bar alone and wore a tiny sundress, no bra, and no panties underneath.

Craig insisted I was gorgeous. And in that dress, my tits looked pretty good. My tits are full and round, and my nipples are usually hard. I felt a little nervous and underdressed as I sat at the bar.

A man sat beside me. He was an attractive fellow with a rugged, masculine look and dark tan. He wore a golf shirt and casual shorts. His eyes were a bright and deep blue. He seemed friendly and started a conversation, and I told him I was vacationing from Canada.

I knew he was attracted to me; he bought me another drink and kept glancing at my chest. So, I teased him by adjusting my arms to display my side boobs. I was sure he saw my nipple through the side opening of my dress.

He asked me where I was staying and if I wanted to join him for lunch. I squeezed his bare thigh and smiled slyly. I saw Craig enter the bar, and he quickly caught on to what I was doing.

Emma & Richard Erotica

Emma & Richard Erotica. A long-time married couple writing and living erotica together.